The AIForged Marketplace is a shared space where you can share your pre-trained services with other users, or request access to pre-trained services from other users.

To access the AIForged Marketplace, simply select the Marketplace navigation item from the main navigation menu.

How to request access to a service

  1. Click on the service you want to request access to.

  2. Click on an image to preview (Optional).\

  3. Click on Request Access in the Action bar.
  4. In the popup select the project you want to link the service to.

Rate and Review

  1. Open the service in the marketplace page.
  2. Click on the Rating and Review button **** in the app bar.

  3. The Rating and Review popup will open where you can view user ratings.
  4. You can only leave a review for a service that you have been granted access to.

Sharing your service

You can share your own pre-trained service to the AIForged Marketplace.

Follow the instructions at Share your pre-trained service to share your service.

To Mange your shared service follow the linked instructions.