The payments page displays all the Payments you have made to AIForged

How to create a payment

  1. Click on the “Make payment” command in the toolbar
  2. A popup will appear asking you to select a bundle size, select one and click on “Select”
  3. In the next popup select the project you want to allocate the Credits to
  4. The next popup will ask you to navigate to a payments portal to complete the transaction, click “Ok”

Filter Payments

You can filter Payments by date

  1. Set the From date
  2. Set the To date

Sort the Payments grid

  • You can Sort the documents page by clicking on any of the table headers
  • To do multiple column sorting use CTRL + Left Mouse Click on the columns

Available Fields

Field Name Description
User Displays the user that made the payment
Project Displays the project the tokens were assigned too
Bundle Displays the bundle that has been purchased
Status Displays the Status of the bundle
Amount Displays the amount of tokens
Reference Displays the reference number of the payment
Result Displays the results of the payment
Error Displays any error messages
Created Displays the created date of the payment