The Projects page displays all of your accessible projects in a grid of Project Cards.
Each Project Card displays a summary of each Service contained within each respective project, as well as the total number of processed Documents and the remaining credit balance for that project.

Clicking on a Service icon within a Project Card allows you to zoom to that service.

Clicking a Project Card will open the project detail view.

The Projects page is opened by default when the AIForged Studio is launched and can also be opened by selecting the Projects navigation item in the main navigation menu.

How to create a project

  • Click on Create a Project on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Provide your new Project with a name. Ensure that your project name is unique and easily distinguishable for reporting purposes.
  • Enter additional information about your Project in the Description and Comment fields.
  • Click on Create project to create your new Project.
  • Click Yes on the popup that appears.
  • Your new Project’s detail view will load where you can add services, change and view the Project’s information, and so forth.

How to delete a project

  • Click on the Bin Icon in the upper right of the Project Card to delete the Project.
  • A prompt will appear asking you to confirm Project deletion.
  • Upon confirming the prompt your Project will be deleted.
  • Only the owner of a Project can delete it.