The DocumentStatus enum indicates the status of a document in AIForged.


None0Default status.
Received3The document was received into a folder and needs to be processed or trained.
Analyzed4The document was analyzed and custom labeling can be done.
Trained5The document was trained.
Processing8The document is busy being processed.
Verification9The document requires human verification.
Processed10The document was processed and the results are published (all rules passed).
Queued11The document is queued for processing.
Verifying12The document is currently being verified.
InterimProcessed13The document was processed successfully and awaiting further processing (Custom Code, external process, etc.).
InsufficientBalance81The project's balance is too low to perform a transaction. The account needs funding.
Error90Some error occured while processing the document.
Archive98Flag document for hard delete based on archiving strategy.
Deleted99Soft delete the document in the database for hard delete in the near future.