IBaseModule Interface Data Types

The IBaseModule interface exposes object data types that can be used in the Custom Service Code. The object data types are shown in the following table.

Data type Description
IApplicationUser An AIForged user.
IClasses Category of a document.
ICustomDataSet A data set table, a collection of data.
ICustomDataSetRecord A record in a Custom Data Set.
ICustomDataSetValue A cell value in a record of a Custom Data Set.
IDocument A document object.
IDocumentData An object containing metadata of a document object.
IDocumentParameter A parameter in a document. Can only have one Parameter Definition, but can have multiple Verifications
IParameterDef A parameter definition object.
IProject An AIForged project.
IProjectUser An AIForged user object linked to a project with Roles and Permissions.
IVerification A verification object containing OCR data and location in a document.
IWorkItem A work item object that requires human-in-the-loop attention.