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Custom Workflow Code

Global variables in custom workflow code

    TModule module { get; set; }
    IProject project { get; set; }
    IParameterDef stpd { get; set; }
    int stl { get; set; }
    BaseOption rule { get; set; }
    ILogger logger { get; set; }
    List<IDocument> docs { get; set; }

The Workflow module is as follow. It derives from BaseModule

public interface IWorkFlowModule : IVerificationModule, IBaseModule
    Task<List<IWorkItem>> CreateDefaultWorkflowAsync(IVerification v,
        List<WorkItemType> enabledWorkItemTypes,
        string comment = "Verification");
    IWorkItem CreateWorkItem(IProjectUser pu,
       IVerification ver,
       string comment = null,
       TimeSpan? graceperiod = null);

For more see the information on the BaseModule

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