Microsoft Forms Layout

The Microsoft Form Layout Service can extract text and layout information from a given document. The input document must be of one of the supported content types - ‘application/pdf’, ‘image/jpeg’, ‘image/png’ or ‘image/tiff’. Alternatively, use ‘application/json’ type to specify the Url location of the document to be analyzed.

Supported Content Types

  • Pdf
  • jpeg
  • png
  • tiff

If you need to use a different type of content, you can use the AiForged Pdf Converter.

Setup Service

  1. Open the project you would like to add the service to
  2. Click on Add Service
  3. Select the Microsoft Receipt Tracker Service
  4. Step 1 – Service (Displays the service setting, you can change it as required)
  5. Click the “Next” Action in the Action Bar to save the Service
  6. Step 2 Verification, TODO

Add and Process Documents

  1. In the Microsoft Form Layout Service click on Inbox button.
  2. Select the Status you want to upload and use Status None or Received for new documents that have not been processed yet.
  3. Select an optional category if you know the category for the document, if you don’t want to select one just click on “No selection”.
  4. Find the files on your Local machine and upload them. The demo’s test files can be found at the following link: Click here
  5. After all the documents have been uploaded you can check the documents to be processed, click on Processed Checked to process the documents.

It is recommended to only process a few documents at a time, especially if it is a new service to properly test if you receive the results you want before processing everything.

View Processed Documents

  1. In the Microsoft Forms Layout Service click on the Outbox button.
  2. You can view the Processing results by opening a processed doc for verification.

Possible use cases