Human in the Loop

Although OCR technologies have come a long way, there will still be instances where a little human intervention is required to Verify extracted data. To this end, Workflow Items can be created for Human Verification.

A user can be added to a Project or a Service with the Verification Role to assist the OCR Engine to correct data that have been extracted. The Work Flow can be set up to send out notifications to the HITL when Work Flow Item is created.

Possible Reasons for HITL

There are multiple reasons for extracted data to be verified by a HITL. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor OCR Confidence due to poor quality documents.
  • Illegible handwriting on handwritten forms.
  • An applied Rule failed the verification of an extracted field. See Rules Engine for more information.
  • A required field was not detected by the OCR Engine.
  • Supporting document data do not match (E.g. the name on a bank statement does not match the ID cards received. Refer to Practical Example for an example.
  • Any Custom Code logic that places a Parameter in the Verification state. Refer to Custom Service Code for more information.

Work Flow and Work Flow Items

The Work Flow view visually shows Work Flow Items that require attention from a HITL.

The HITL Work Flow queue shows Work Flow Items that have been created for your Username. The Work Flow Item card shows all the information regarding the Verification required, these include:

  • The Project name,

  • The Service name,

  • The document box the document currently resides in (document Usage),

  • Due date for the verification to be completed,

  • The HITL user assignment method used,

  • The status of the document of the field that requires verification,

  • The status of the Work Flow Item,

Every Work Flow Item has a URL link that can be used in a browser. This will launch the AIForged UI and open the Verification window for the entire Document or Shred. The link to the Verification Work Flow Item can be copied by clicking on the Link Icon.

Pasting this link in a web browser will result in the user being asked to open the AIForgred UI.

Field Verification

Clicking on a Work Flow Item will open the Document Verification window. The user will be instructed to complete any verifications that are required on the document.

Individual Field Verification

The number of fields that require verification is shown at the top of the Document Designer view.

The Document Data Control bar on the right-hand side shows the fields that require verification, which is denoted by the red Warning Triangle. This is also shown on the document at the location of the field.

To verify the value of the extracted text, click on the Pencil icon. This will open a dialogue that provides actions to the user to verify the field.

The value of the field is shown in the text box. If the OCR text is correct, the user can accept the Verification by clicking on the Check Mark.

Note that after a Verification value has been accepted, the Status of the Field Parameter has changed to Verified. The OCR Confidence has also changed to 100 %.

Once all the Field Parameters that required Verification have been verified, then the status of the entire document will change from Verification to Processed.

Accept all Verifications

It is also possible to accept all Verification without manually verifying each Field that required Verification. Select Verification from the Actions Bar, then select Accept All to immediately accepts all Verification values.

This action will also immediately place the document in the Processed state from the Verification state.