The Attachment service allows you to extract attachments from e-mails.

Possible use cases

  • Can be used to extract attachments from Emails for further document analysis or other use cases where you might be required to extract attachments

Service Setup

  1. Open the Project Detail View of the service you would like to add the service to.
  2. Click on the Add Service button in the command bar.
  3. Select Attachment Service from the available Service Types.

  4. This will add the Attachment Service with a Dependent OCR Engine that needs to be configured.

  5. In order to configure the OCR service for the Attachment Service, click on the Wizard icon of the Attachment Service.

  6. A new Service Configuration Wizard will open:
    (When navigating the Wizard, please make sure to use the Next Step button in the command bar to save any changes made).

    • Step 1 - Allows configuration of various service settings, including the name and description. The default settings are sufficient for most use cases.
    • Step 2 - Allows adding an OCR Engine to the Attachment Service. Click on the Step 2 card to open the Select a Service popup. Only OCR and Extraction Services are listed here.

      Click on Complete to finish the Wizard.

Service Configuration Settings

The Attachment Service can be configured by the user as a flexible solution. The following Settings are available:

Setting Type Required Type Description
ArchivingStrategy Optional Days before documents get deleted.
BatchSize Hidden Processing batch size.
DocumentProcessedStatus Optional Document status used to denote that a document has been processed.
Enabled Hidden Enable or disable the service.
ExecuteBeforeProcess   When set up as a child service, specify whether this service should be executed before the parent service gets executed.
ExecuteAfterProcess   When set up as a child service, specify whether this service should be executed after the parent service gets executed.
MinHeight Optional Minimum height of the image in pixels.
MinSize Optional Minimum size of the image in bytes.
MinWidth Optional Minimum width of the image in pixels.
Password Optional Used for service authentication. Custom Code can be used to set the password. Can be set per document.
RemoveComments Optional Remove human comments from a document.