Understanding Services

What is a Service?

A Service is an AIForged function. It can be any of the available Service Types, such as an OCR engine that performs optical character recognition on a document, or an email scraper that downloads emails from a mailbox and separates attachments as useable objects, or even a simple copy function that can copy objects from one service’s Outbox to another service’s Inbox.

A service typically has an Inbox and Outbox. The Inbox stores objects that need to be processed by the service. The Outbox contains the processing results.

Depending on the service type, a service can also have a Definition Box, Training Box, and Label Box.

Multiple Services can be nested within a Service. These nested services are called Child Services. Child Services will automatically be added to a service depending on the Service Type’s dependencies, or Rule Type dependencies, but can also be manually added to extend a service’s functionality.

The example below shows a Service Card within a Service’s Detail View, which in this case represents a Parent Service with three Child Services.

The following Action Buttons can be found in a Service Card, the number indicates the document count for each of the boxes:

Action Button Icon Descritpion
Definition Opens the Definitions box of the service. (Only valid for Classification and Extraction Service Types)
Training Opens the Training box of the service. (Only valid for Classification and Extraction Service Types)
Labelled Opens the Label box of the service. (Only valid for Classification and Extraction Service Types)
Inbox Opens the Inbox of the service.
Outbox Opens the Outbox of the service.
Configuration Wizard Opens the Configuration Wizard of the service.
Service Definitions Opens the Configuration page of the service.
Service Logs Opens the Service Logs of the service.
Delete Service Deletes the service.

How to create a Service?

  1. Open an existing Project, or create a new Project.
  2. At the bottom of the Project Detail View, select Add Service.

  3. The Add New Service dialogue will open.

  4. Select the Service Type of the Service you want to add and click on Select.
  5. Click Yes on the confirmation message box.

Service Actions

Various Service Actions are available from the Command Bar of the Service Detail View.

  • Document Categories.

  • Document Keys

  • All Definitions of the service.

  • Manage User access for the service.

  • Share a service on the marketplace.

  • Open Report for the service.