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Create Verification


Context - Requires a context for the connection to AIForged. Includes connection configuration information, user information and authentication information. This is a regular VB or C# expression.

Document ID - <Int32> Document ID

Document Parameter ID - <Int32> The unique identifier of the parameter to create the verification for

Info Text - <String> Optional text that provide information regarding the result

Previous verification - <AiForged.API.DocumentViewModel> A previous verification object for the specified document parameter. The new verification result will utilize the block info and confidence value from this object

Result text - <String> Optional text that describes the result

Value - <String> - The value of the verification result

Verification Status - <AiForged.API.VerificationStatus> the status flag/s of the verification result


Private - If not selected, the values of variables and arguments are at Verbose level.


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