Human in the Loop

Although OCR technologies have come a long way, there will still be instances where a little human intervention is required to Verify extracted data. To this end, Workflow Items can be created for Human Verification.

A user can be added to a Project or a Service with the Verification Role to assist the OCR Engine to correct data that have been extracted. The Work Flow can be set up to send out notifications to the HITL when Work Flow Item is created.

Possible Reasons for HITL

There are multiple reasons for extracted data to be verified by a HITL. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor OCR Confidence due to poor quality documents.
  • Illegible handwriting on handwritten forms.
  • An applied Rule failed the verification of an extracted field. See Rules Engine for more information.
  • A required field was not detected by the OCR Engine.
  • Supporting document data do not match (E.g. the name on a bank statement does not match the ID cards received. Refer to Practical Example for an example.
  • Any Custom Code logic that places a Parameter in the Verification state. Refer to Custom Service Code for more information.