Custom Script

The Custom Script Rule provides a means to write Custom Script Code for a specific field on a document. The script is executed after the value has been extracted by the OCR Service.

Custom Script Code can be added to a Service as an independent Utility, or it can be applied to individual fields on a document. When applying Custom Code Rule to a field, the Custom Logic can be used to manipulate the extracted OCR value. The use cases for applying Custom Code to a field includes:

  • Custom manipulation of individual Parameter values.
  • Creating additional custom Parameters.
  • Updating Parameter values or confidences on other documents.
  • Creating and updating Custom Datasets (refer to Custom Datasets).
  • Any required Custom Logic which cannot be implemented by any of the other Rules Engine Rule Types.

The following languages are available for selection when writing Custom Code:

  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • Python
  • F#

The language can be selected form the Code Language dropdown box. Refer to BaseModule for the available exposed methods that can be used in Custom Code.

For a detailed walkthrough of a practical example of Custom Code, please refer to Credit Application Process: Accept or Reject the Application.