The Dictionary Rule can be applied to any type of extracted data and **** provides a means to perform a lookup of an expected word. The user can provide a list of expected words for a field, and using the specified Lookup Method, the closest match is used to override the value of the Parameter.

For example, if a form contains a field for a US State, then the comprehensive list of all 50 states can be supplied to the Dictionary, and the best match for what was written on the form, will be returned as the value of the field. In this case, the Dictionary can be used to correct the spelling of the expected US State.

The Lookup Method can be selected from the Lookup Method dropdown box.

The following Lookup Methods are available:

Lookup Method Description
Exact The extracted data has to match the dictionary entry exactly.
Levenshtein Distance The Levenshtein Distance lookup method, the minimum number of single-character edits, is used with a specified confidence.
Hamming Distance The Hamming Distance lookup method is used with a specified confidence.
RegEx A Regular Expression can be provided to do the matching.
None No matching will happen.

The list of Dictionary Entries can be specified in the Dictionary Options table.