User Profile

The User Profile page allows you to view and edit various details related to your user account.

To open the User Profile page, simply select the User Profile navigation item from the Settings area of the navigation menu. If you are unable to open the User Profile page, please ensure that you are logged into the AIForged Studio with your AIForged credentials.

User and Roles


The User page allows you to edit your user details.

Edit your details

  1. Edit or fill in the User Details you want to change or add.
  2. Click on the Update User button in the command bar.

  3. Your Id and Username are unique to your account and cannot be changed.


The Roles page allows you to view access roles that have been assigned to your account. Only your account administrators can remove or add roles to your account.

Add or Remove Role (Account Administrators Only)

  1. Select the Roles you would like to add or remove.
  2. Click on the Update User command in the app bar.

Note: You can only change your roles if you have administrator permissions

Profile Picture

To upload a new profile picture click on the Upload New Picture button and select your profile picture.

Options

  1. Click on the Link External Login Provider button.

  2. Select a an External Provider from the list of providers.
  3. Sign in to the provider.
  4. Your unique provider link Id will appear within the External Provider Card if the link was successful.

To unlink a specific provider simply click on the Unlink button in the External Provider Card.

Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips display hints on various pages regarding usage and functionality.

Teaching Tips can be disabled globally for your user account by toggling the Teaching Tips Toggle to off.
Teaching Tips can also be enabled or disabled individually by toggling the Open Toggle on or off for each listed Teaching Tip.

Reset Teaching Tips

To reset all Teaching Tips to their default status click on the Reset Teaching Tips button in the command bar.

Disable / Enable Teaching Tips

Click on the Teaching Tips Toggle to globally enable or disable Teaching Tips for your User Account.

Individually Disable / Enable Teaching Tips

To individually disable / enable a Teaching Tip, click on its Open toggle.