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AIForged Account

To log in with your registered AIForged account:

  1. Enter Credentials: Use your Username and Password to log in.

External Account

You can also log in using an External Account, such as a Social Media account. Here's how it works:

Logging in with an External Account

  1. New Users: If you haven't previously logged in or registered with AIForged, logging in with an External Account will automatically create a new AIForged account using the publicly available details from your External Account.
  2. Existing Users: If you already have an AIForged account, you can link an External Account to your existing AIForged account. This can be done via your User Profile settings. Once linked, you can log in using either your AIForged credentials or the linked External Account.

Available External Accounts:

  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • LinkedIn
  • Azure Active Directory (via Microsoft)


If you are unable to log in to AIForged, follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Ensure that your device is connected to the Internet.
  2. Verify Network Access:
    • If using AIForged on a business or enterprise network:
      • Check with your network administrators to ensure that the AIForged Service Endpoint URL is allowed outbound access via your network. This URL can be found in the Settings section of the AIForged Studio.
    • If you have deployed AIForged on-premises:
      • Ensure you have added the correct Service Endpoint URL in the Settings section of the AIForged Studio.
  3. Confirm Account Registration:
    • If logging in with an AIForged Account:
      • Ensure you have previously registered with the provided email address on the AIForged platform.
      • If you have registered but are still unable to log in, use the "Forgot Password" function to reset your password.
  4. Contact Support: If you continue to experience issues, contact your AIForged representative for further assistance.

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