Image Pre-Processing

The AIForged Image Processor Service is used to pre-process documents before being sent to OCR services in order to increase the accuracy of the OCR.

The following operations are available when pre-processing documents:

Operation Description
Remove Comments Remove any electronic comments from PDFs.
Rotate Rotate the pages of a document. This is mostly used to deskew pages.
Greyscale Convert the image to Greyscale.
Invert Invert the colour of an image.
Mirror Mirrors an image .
Remove Garbage Used to remove small spots such as pen marks.
Remove Color Marks Remove marks that may affect OCR accuracy, such as bank stamps.
Whiten Background By specifying lower- and upper greyscale bounds, remove possible watermarks that may negatively impact OCR accuracy. Bound values are between 0 and 255, with 0 being black and 255 being white.

Consider the document below, with a "DRAFT" watermark.

The AIForged Image Processor Service can be used to remove the watermark and whiten the background.

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