Activate my account

  • The Activate My Account page allows you to activate your newly registered account.
  • Clicking the Activate My Account link in the account activation email should automatically open the AIForged Studio and bring you to this page, it will also automatically fill in the required information.

Required details

  • The unique Username/E-mail Address that you registered with.
  • The Activation Token that you received with your account activation email.


Should you experience any difficulty in activating your AIForged Account please check the following

  • Ensure that your Device is connected to the Internet.
  • If you are using AIForged on a business or enterprise network, please check with your network administrators that the AIForged Service Endpoint URL is allowed outbound access via your network. This URL can be found in the Settings section of the AIForged Studio.
  • If you have deployed AIForged on-premises, please make sure to add the correct Service Endpoint URL in the Settings section of the AIForged Studio.
  • Check that the activation email has not been filtered into your junk or spam folder.
  • Ensure that your details have been entered correctly and that the activation token matches exactly with the token in the activation email.