🧠 Understanding the Documents page


The documents page displays all the documents in the specified location. Example: Inbox, Outbox, or even training box

The document actions and commands change depending on the compatible usage

Quick Filter

The Quick Filter allows you to quickly define which documents you want to view.

  • Document Properties: Filter documents by specific properties such as File Name, IDs, or File Type.
  • Category: Filter documents by specified categories, such as Invoices, Contracts, or documents with no category.
  • Usage: Filter documents based on their location. Examples include Inbox, Outbox, or the TrainingBox.
  • Status: Filter documents by specific statuses, such as Received, Error, or Processed.
  • From Date: Filter documents by the date they entered the service.
  • To Date: Filter documents up to the last date they entered the service.

The search functionality only searches for documents on the current page

  • Normal Search: searches through all the document attributes to find the document
  • Deep search: searches through all the document parameters, and also within the content content to find potential hits

Document Actions

  • Open a document for verification
  • Process the document

  • View the linked documents (see Understanding-document-flows)

  • Open the document on the OS.

  • Download the document to your local disk.

  • Edit the document.

  • View the document hierarchy.

  • View the document's structured results.

  • View document result.

  • Open document verification audit trail.

  • Open document logs.

Sort the Documents grid

  • You can sort the documents page by clicking on any of the table headers.

To sort multiple column sorting use CTRL + Left Mouse Click on the columns.

Process Multiple Documents

The Process Selected action allows you to process all the selected documents

  1. Select all the documents you would like to process
  2. Click on the Process Selected Action in the command bar.

  3. Define the processing parameters

Upload and Download

  • The Upload Action allows you to upload a new document.
  • The Download action allows you to download the selected documents to your local machine


  1. Click the Upload Action in the command bar.
  2. Select the document category
  3. Select the file to be uploaded


  1. Select the documents that you would like to download
  2. Click the Download action in the command bar
  3. Specify the save location

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