Get Work Items


Creates a work item of a document

Display Name

Create Work Item


Comment - <String> The work item message

Context - Requires a context for the connection to AIForged. Includes connection configuration information, user information, and authentication information. This is a regular VB or C# expression.

Document Id - <Int32> A List of unique document IDs to create a work item from

End Date - <DateTime> Filter up to end date

Page No - <Int32> FIlter by page number (only applicable when page size is set)

Page Size - <Int32> The maximum number of results to be returned on a page (Enter page No, to display all results)

ProjectId - <Int32>The unique identifier that was automatically assigned by AiForged to identify the specific project

Shred Id - <Int32> Filter by a unique shred’s ID

Sort Direction - <AIForged.API.SortDirection> Sort Results in a specific direction

Sort Field - <AIForged.API.SortField> Sort Result by specific field

Start Date - <DateTime> Filter from a starting date

Work Item Action - <AIForged.API.WorkItemAction> Filter by a work item action that the user should perform

Work Item Status - <AIForged.API.WorkItemStatus>Filter by the work item status

Work Item Type - <AIForged.API.WorkItemType>Filter By work item’s type


Private - If not selected, the values of variables and arguments are at Verbose level.



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