Microsoft Power Automate

AIForged is a cloud based Intelligent Document Processing solution for solving complex document extraction problems. The AIForged platform seamlessly integrates multiple services into a single model from industry-leading AI services like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, ABBYY, giving you the ability to use these services in tandem for optimum results. AIForged Intelligent Document Processing enable businesses to increase their output, with greater accuracy, greater speed at a lower cost.


You need the following:

A Microsoft Power Apps or Power Automate plan

You need a Microsoft 365 account, a Power Automate plan and AIForged account / service.

An AIForged account and service

To use this connector, you will need an AIForged account. You also need to configure and train the AIForged service for accurate results. For more instructions Register on AIForged and set up an AIForged project and service by following the steps defined in Create a Project.

Here is a practicle example on how to extract information from social security cards Practicle Example - Social Security.

Also see our practical example to extract information from credit applications Practical Example - credit application.

How to get credentials

An AIForged account is needed to use AIForged. You can register by installing the AIForged app from the Microsoft Store or Microsoft Store Website.

Once the app is installed, you can register by using the simple registration steps Register.

To activate the account, you should receive an email with the activation link. Once you click on the activation link, AIForged will open with activation info. Once your account is activated you can login with your credentials and then use your credentials in your connector.

How to create and train an AIForged service

First you need to create a project container for billing purposes. Once your project is created you can add an intelligent service by following the wizard steps in the AIForged application.

Here is a list of practicle examples to extract information from documents

Practicle Example - Social Security Cards.

Practical Example - Bank statements.

Practical Example - Credit Application.

Get started with your connector

For more info on the gettings started see the following guide to Power Automate - Get Started


This connector uses OAuth2 authentication (see steps above on how to obtain one). When creating a new connector (in Power Apps/Logic Apps), you’ll be required to provide an authentication information from registration.

Known issues and limitations

You cannot enable MFA/2FA for the credentials you use in the connector.

Common errors and remedies

For any support or assistance create a support ticket at AIForged Support or send an email to


For more info and FAQ see AIForged Documentation.