The VerificationStatus enum is used to build up a verification bit flag value to indicate multiple statuses of Field/Parameter verification.

As the Rules Engine and HITL users verify fields, certain flags are set based on the operations and results of the verification process.


Required1Verification on a field/document is required.
Susicious2Suspicious field value. Verification is required to clear this flag.
DefaultUsed4Default value is used for the parameter.
Verified8This field value has been verified by a user.
Bypassed16The verification has been bypassed by the Rules Engine.
Error32An error occurred during verification.
Done64The verification is done.
Success128The Rules Engine verified the field successfully.
RangeProblem256The value does not fall within specified ranges (minimum and maximum values).
IsValid512The field value is valid based on the Rules Engine's configuration, typically used with Anchor fields.
Warnings1024Not in use.
Service2048A Verification Service has been invoked to help with verification.
Training4096This field is used for training purposes
Scripted8192This field has been verified through a Custom Code script.
Deleted16384The field has been deleted.